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Bartra is a privately-owned international real estate and investment company with an extensive
footprint in Europe and Asia. We develop, manage, and invest with the purpose of improving property
and places to deliver sustainable commercial and social benefit. China has long been an important
source of Foreign Direct Investment for Ireland, with businesses such as Bartra being instrumental in
building this relationship. We have four offices in China and our Founder, Richard Barrett, a resident
of Shanghai, has spent the past three decades engaging in premium, high specification, large scale
projects in China, and Ireland. In doing so he has been the initiator of a vast network of investment
opportunity that has brought Irish Investors to Asia, and similarly brought Asian investors to Ireland.
This mutually beneficial network has laid the foundations for much of Bartra’s current portfolio across
the social housing, healthcare, commercial real estate, residential, tourism and co-living sectors.
Bartra Wealth Advisors ( has successfully promoted the Irish Government’s
Immigration Investment Programme (IIP). The IIP is a residence by investment programme which
enables non-EU citizens to secure residency in Ireland for them and their families for an initial period
of two years. This initial period can be extended to five years if certain criteria are met. Bartra Wealth
Advisor’s IIP programme facilitates, in a structured and secure way, investment in Irish government
priority areas of social housing and nursing homes, while also providing the opportunity for Chinese
investors, and their families, to reside in a country that has one of the highest qualities of life standards
in the world.

To date Bartra Wealth Advisors has helped over three hundred families successfully take up residence
in Ireland thanks to its extensive Irish immigration experience, expertise in secure, sustainable, and
socially responsible real estate investments, professional landing teams and strong business network
support. The company maintains a 100% application approval rate, as well as a 100% renewal rate.
COVID-19 has delivered unprecedented challenges across all sectors of industry in 2020. At all our
Bartra offices, while we have naturally had to make a few adjustments in line with Government
guidance such as the introduction of remote working, virtual meetings and updated health and
sickness policies for our teams, we have continued to innovate and grow our Business. Bartra Wealth
Advisors has been recognised by winning both the Innovator of the Year – Real Estate at the Hong
Kong Business Management Excellence Awards 2020, and the Supreme Brand of Overseas Investment
and Immigration Consultant Firm Award 2020, organised by CAPITAL CEO X Entrepreneur.
Bartra Healthcare, a group of premium quality nursing homes, each of which provides individualized
care in a safe, friendly & comfortable environment where all the needs of our residents are met, has
added two more world class facilities in Dublin. COVID-19 has been especially challenging for the
nursing home sector globally and our healthcare team, like so many of their frontline colleagues in the
sector, have worked heroically to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents and their loved
ones, our teams, and our healthcare partners. We have a suite of COVID-19 protection measures in
place, including weekly resident and staff testing, controlled visiting guidelines, and the wearing of
PPE by all our frontline teams, all the time. Indeed, Bartra Healthcare sourced a large quantity of high quality PPE equipment from China in early 2020.

Bartra’s plans for Ireland’s first technology enabled premium co-living offer continue to progress
where we will be investing €130m across four locations in the next two years. Our co-living public
health and COVID-19 provisions have been independently validated and certified by Dr Martin Hogan
and Corporate Health Ireland (CHI), who are SEQOHS accredited, as one of the Europe’s leading
occupational health services.

We will also build on our proud history as a developer of social housing, and private homes. Bartra will
deliver 1,000 social homes across a range of tenures in the next three years. In December 2020 we
launched a new premium residential development ( strategically located in a prestigious
and highly sought-after location in Blackrock, South Dublin.
COVID-19 has certainly seen us adjust how we do business, but it has not changed our fundamental
belief that great investments require a combination of three things, great locations, great people, and
the right opportunity. The Bartra team pride ourselves on consistently delivering all three for clients
and investors.

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